Conference Venue RUS Hotel

Casual Connect Kyiv returns to RUS Hotel for the 8th year. Downtown Kyiv is compact with everything you need for the conference nearby.

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RUS Hotel A on Map...

Casual Connect Kyiv 2013 will take place in RUS Hotel.

You may book your hotel room by either:

  • Calling the hotel at +38 (0) 44 256 4000.
  • Reserve Room Online
  • $90 Single Standard Room

  • Both hotels are located just a minute away from Kyiv Downtown and the central street of Ukraine: Kreschatik (C on map).


President Hotel B on Map...

The President Hotel is located across the streent from the RUS Hotel. A short walk and you'll find yourself at the Conference.

You may book your hotel room by either:

  • Call the hotel at +38 044 256-38-55 .
  • Reserve Room
  • €120 Standard Room

Map of Kyiv Downtown

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Detailed Travel Guide

Money in Ukraine

Currently 8 Hryvnas is equal to one US Dollar. Which means it will cost about 3 bucks for a glass of premium beer. We recommend you to use cash as much as possible while in Ukraine as credit cards are not widley used. Not to mention that Ukraine does not have the security with credit cards like many areas so credit card fraud is much more of an issue.


For those traveling internationally, when dialing any number, hold down the "0" key on your cell phone to display the "+" then enter the country code. You should drop the (0) when calling from your cell phone. So, the hotel's number would be dialed as: +38 44 256 4000, Carl's number would be dialed as: +1 435 770 5369.

The country code for Ukraine is 380, for the United States it is 1.

Invitation Letters

Most people coming from the United States, SIG or EU, you don't need a visa. However, if you come from India, China or another country from Asia or Africa, you will need a visa. Please consult your local government for more information..

If you need an invitation for obtaining your visa, please fill in the Invitation Form and send it to immediately so we could send you the invitation letter ASAP.

Getting Around

The hotel that our guests will stay is already in the center of Kyiv. It will take you less than 10 minutes to get to the main city street (Khreshatik), full of boutiques, restaurants, cultural sights and tourists from all over the world.

The hotels are located on Hospitalnaya St. To get to the famous Khreschatik you need to go up the street till it intersects with Lesi Ukrainki Blvd. Turn left and go along the Blvd. all the way up to Basseinaia St. It’s a short street at the end of which there is Krutoy Spoosk (Descent). Simply go across it and here you are on Khreshatik, which is the perfect place to start your tour around Kyiv.

We can provide you with maps if you like.

Travel from/to KBP Airport

Currently there are many flights flying out on October 21st and returning on October 26th from SEA, SFO, JFK to Kyiv (KBP) all under 1,000 USD. Most people will be traveling on flight 1385 from AMS to KBP if you want to meet some of your friends in route.

Right outside of Boryspil’s Terminal B (that’s where you arrive) to your right there are taxis and buses. Official shuttles say «Aтасс - Полёт» or Skybus on its sides (schedule is HERE). The cost is 40 gryvnas ($5) and the ride lasts for around an hour.

The «Aтасс - Полёт»/Skybus runs directly to the central railway station from where you can take a taxi to your hotel to the downtown. The Central railway station is some 5-10 minutes from the downtown by car. The taxi ride from there would cost you around 10$.

Near Terminal B and inside the airport you’ll also see a lot of solicitors proposing taxi rides. They should be pretty secure, but they would try to charge much more when they see you are a foreigner. Usually you can bargain down to 40$-50$ and even pay them in US dollars or Euro (they won’t give you change, so have the exact amount needed). You should select a car which has an orange sign on its top indicating it’s a taxi, don’t go with private drivers without appropriate license.


There is more to food in Ukraine than Borsch! Here's a list of restaurants in Kyiv: [View Restaurant listings]


In October, the average high is 52F/11C and the average low is 39F/4C It does get chilly. Bring a nice jacket and some warmer clothes and you should be set for Ukraine in October! [View Kyiv weather forecast]

Travel Overview

For more information about sites to see, food to eat, please see review our Kyiv Travel Guide [Kyiv Travel Guide]