Lectures at Casual Connect are programmed to focus on cutting edge topics in the casual games space. On October 23 - 25 2013, over 850 industry professionals came to Kyiv for the eighth annual Casual Connect in Ukraine. Conference content was programmed by a set of industry advisors. If you attended lectures at Casual Connect and want to see your favorite sessions again, or if you could not make it to Kyiv this time and want to see what you have missed, press the Watch videoicon to watch videos and download slides (all content is FREE!).

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    Day 1: October 23, 2013

  • Elite Hall

  • Venice Hall

  • Industry Insights

    Emcee: David NIXON, Founder & CEO, Gemini Hive Inc.

  • Casino/Game Development

    Emcee: Nick BERRY, Data Scientist, Facebook

  • Watch videoGet Discovered & Grow: Reaching the Right Mobile Gamers with Facebook
    Akin BABAYIGIT, Strategic Partner Manager, Facebook
    Akin Babayigit is a Strategic Partner Manager for Facebook, based in London. He currently leads Facebook’s games partnership efforts in Eastern Europe, as well as managing several top grossing developers across the EMEA region. Prior to Facebook, Akin was an advisor to CEO at Peak Games. Before moving back to Europe, Akin spent several years in the US working for Skype, InMobi and McKinsey & Co. At Skype, Akin helped the management team navigate the spin-off from eBay, and worked closely with the investor consortium to identify strategic priorities and helped the management improve user engagement and monetization and drive the mobile efforts aggressively prior to company’s sale to Microsoft. Akin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Yale University, and a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
    [Email Akin]

    Akin Babayigit, Platform Partnerships at Facebook, will talk about how to accelerate user growth, engagement and ultimately drive greater business results by leveraging Facebook’s acquisition and distribution tools – both organic and paid. During his presentation he will touch on local success stories and share Facebook's best kept ''secret''.

  • Watch videoThe New World Order: Free-to-Play, How to Survive and Rise to the Top of the Charts
    Paul THELEN, CEO, Big Fish
    In 2002, Paul Thelen founded Big Fish as a bootstrapped one person start-up game studio. Big Fish is now the leading global casual games brand, with five world-wide offices, more than 600 employees, 500 developer partners and several million paying customers. Prior to founding Big Fish, Paul spent six years at RealNetworks where he launched RealAudio, RealVideo, RealProducer and the RealArcade games service. Earlier in his career, Paul was a business consultant for Mercer Management Consulting, founded a systems integration start-up and worked as an engineer for IBM in their mainframe and UNIX workstation divisions. Paul holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.
    [Email Paul]

    Big Fish has grown its F2P business from zero, a little more than a year ago, to one of its strongest revenue generators today. Paul Thelen will discuss this transformation. What traps and pitfalls ensnare most developers who are switching development to F2P. More importantly, he will answer what game design techniques monetize the best. He will also answer what timeline do you need to create and maintain to have a successful F2P game? What are the most relevant data points to grow your F2P IP? What social features should you employ? Those who attend will walk away understanding free-to-play best practices.

  • Watch videoWhy is Social Casino Important? What is the Opportunity?
    Barak RABINOWITZ, CEO, Win
    Barak is CEO of Win, a new social game company backed by bwin.party digital entertainment. Prior to Win, Barak was CEO of the social game company Mytopia, acquired by 888 Holdings in 2010. Previously, Barak was co-founder and CEO of Amuso, a social game company whose assets were acquired by the BBC Worldwide. Barak started his career in the Mergers & Acquisitions and Global Technology Groups at Morgan Stanley before joining Yahoo! in 2006. Barak has a BA from Georgetown and MBA from Harvard.
    [Email Barak]

    The social casino space represents a $1.7 billion market, which, if certain conditions are met, could grow to as much as $7 billion by 2015. The opportunity is huge for social game developers, online gambling companies, and even real-world casinos, all of whom have something to offer to the hordes of players who enjoy playing poker, slots, blackjack, bingo, betting and other types of social casino games. But what will it take to make the market truly succeed and reach its potential? Win’s Barak Rabinowitz explains.

  • Watch videoDon't Jump into Free-2-Play if You Don't Know How
    Artem BOCHAROV, Publishing Director, Game Insight
    Artem Bocharov has more than 10 years of experience in the mobile games industry, starting as a game designer creating JAVA and BREW games, then transitioning into a role as a mobile producer, and eventually becoming the CEO of a social game development studio. Now, he focuses on helping game developers reach larger audiences worldwide as the Publishing Director at Game Insight. Mr. Bocharov has expertise in monetization and in the key success factors for mobile games in Western markets, with specific focus on the most important features that make games hugely successful in English-speaking mobile/social gaming markets. He evaluates hundreds of games each quarter, armed with a deep understanding of the mobile/social game industry’s present and its future, as well as a keen eye for common game development mistakes. He continues to openly share his previous and ongoing experience in game development and publishing to help developers build successful businesses in the mobile game industry.
    [Email Artem]

    The presentation speculates upon myths and fairytales about free-2-play and dispels them. The free-2-play monetization model is not the competitive advantage by itself anymore. It is not enough just to add in-app purchases… Visit Artem’s presentation and find out what you need to jump over the abyss on your way to launching a successful free-2-play title.

  • Watch videoThe Impact of Mobile and Social Games on Gambling
    Angelo DALLI, CEO, Bit8
    Angelo co-founded Bit8 with Keith Galea and Brian Fenech. As chief executive officer, Angelo is responsible for leading the company’s product development, business and technology strategy and has led the company through its initial growth phase and its first external financing round.

    Angelo holds a bachelor’s degree in IT and a master’s degree in Computational Linguistics from the University of Malta, together with a doctorate in Computer Science and Search Engine Technology from the University of Sheffield. Angelo has published over 23 publications in Europe and the US since 2001 and has over sixteen years of experience in various executive positions in technology, entertainment and gaming companies. Angelo has also won a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in 1995.
    [Email Angelo]

    The future of the online gaming and gambling industry is clearly trending towards mobile and tablet gaming, with social gaming being an important acquisition channel and potentially being an important venue in itself. This session explores the key trends, success factors and main issues affecting the industry together with an analysis of the impact on gambling and what it takes to make a profitable business.

  • Watch videoHow Eastern European Developers Can Achieve Success Worldwide: Market Overview
    Vlad SUGLOBOV, CEO, G5
    Vlad co-founded G5 in 2001 and served for 8 years as CEO. Vlad was active in many essential roles, establishing the company’s strategy, client relations, product development and sales. Today, Vlad is concentrating on expanding G5’s business internationally.
    [Email Vlad]

    New mobile platforms provide easy access to new customers all over the world and, therefore, many smaller developers can successfully compete on global level. However, companies looking to grow their audience into Tier 1 markets like the US or Western Europe, or high growth markets like South America or Asia quickly find these markets demand knowledge, investment and skills different from those required to succeed at home. Join Vlad Suglobov, Co-founder and CEO of G5 as he exposes G5's thinking and research about the opportunities, and challenges Eastern European game developers face today around the world.

  • Watch videoKPI of RMG v. Social Casino
    Roland ARLT, Co-Founder & CEO, Ever Adventure Ltd

  • Watch videoMarket Overview: The Eastern European Domestic Market
    Artur SAKALIS, Head of Mobile Games, Odnoklassniki
    Artur Sakalis is the head of the Games Department Odnoklassniki.ru. With his direct participation in April 2010, the company entered the games market. In August 2010, the number of games on Odnoklassniki exceeded 100, and in late August non-gaming applications were also added to the site, but in December 2012 Odnoklassniki launched iOS/Android games showcase. Before coming to Odnoklassniki, Artur worked for CTXM, where he was a producer of casual games. Artur’s experience includes participation in more than 300 game projects, 20 of them produced “turnkey” under his direct supervision.
    [Email Artur]

    The Eastern European social and mobile markets are strong and growing. While monetization rates are lower than the Tier 1 countries, Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe sit strongly in the Tier 2 range (like South America). Even better there are many, many people over here, and increasing penetration of social networks, smartphones, tablets, and cheap celluar data plans. And gamers. Lots and lots of gamers. Join Artur Sakalis for an overview of the current and future games market in Eastern Europe.


  • Lunch Break

  • Lunch Break

  • Watch videoChanging Role of the Publisher | 14:00 - 14:50
    Dan PRIGG, Sr. Director, Games, Spil Games
    Paul THELEN, CEO, Big Fish
    Vlad SUGLOBOV, CEO, G5
    Kyu LEE, President, GAMEVIL USA
    Moderator: Jeff HILBERT, Founder and Managing Partner, Digital Development Management
    Dan runs Spil Games’ games studios in Hilversum, Eindhoven and Shanghai to deliver the best games at the right time.

    Dan already has 15 years of experience in the digital games marketplace. His Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation and Multimedia from the Art Institute of Seattle gives him a great appreciation of the game creation process. His previous roles as Director of Content Acquisition at Unity and Director of Digital Distribution Operations at GameStop provide substantial experience in management and strategy.
    [Email Dan]

    In 2002, Paul Thelen founded Big Fish as a bootstrapped one person start-up game studio. Big Fish is now the leading global casual games brand, with five world-wide offices, more than 600 employees, 500 developer partners and several million paying customers. Prior to founding Big Fish, Paul spent six years at RealNetworks where he launched RealAudio, RealVideo, RealProducer and the RealArcade games service. Earlier in his career, Paul was a business consultant for Mercer Management Consulting, founded a systems integration start-up and worked as an engineer for IBM in their mainframe and UNIX workstation divisions. Paul holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and an M.B.A. from Stanford University.
    [Email Paul]

    Vlad co-founded G5 in 2001 and served for 8 years as CEO. Vlad was active in many essential roles, establishing the company’s strategy, client relations, product development and sales. Today, Vlad is concentrating on expanding G5’s business internationally.
    [Email Vlad]

    Kyu Lee is Vice President of GAMEVIL Inc. and Head of GAMEVIL USA Inc. GAMEVIL is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile and network technology. Kyu, who has been in GAMEVIL since the beginning at 2000, has constantly played a key role in the evolution of Korean mobile gaming and has continuously introduced the innovation to the world. Kyu has graduated Seoul National University with a B.S. in Physics and is currently on the board of advisory at GDC Mobile.
    [Email Kyu]

    Jeff Hilbert is internationally recognized as one of the top agents in the world, as established in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2011 article “Master of the Game.”

    Jeff’s career began over twenty years ago with the launch of Spectre VR, one of the first networked games to be released commercially. He went on to secure over 100 licensed games for inclusion in “value packs,” initiating a career focused on video game deals. He cemented his status as one of the first specialized agents focused on video games when Virgin Interactive, MGM, and Viacom, contacted him in quick succession to assist their strategic efforts to adopt a licensing model and reposition themselves in the market.

    In 2005, Jeff partnered with DDM president Joe Minton to form DDM as the premier video game representation agency. DDM works with the top studios in the world including Ninja Theory (DmC Devil May Cry), Sproing (Skyrama), Yager (Spec Ops: The Line), Zombie Studios (Blacklight: Retribution), and many others. Jeff built DDM to become the top agency in the console market and was instrumental in moving the agency into the mobile and free-to-play markets years before most Western companies understood their transformative impact on the industry. Because of Jeff’s foresight and initiative, DDM is now the premier agency across mobile, web, console, and PC platforms.

    As the Founder and Managing Partner of DDM, Jeff is focused on opening new markets, providing strategic direction to developers, publishers, and investors, and managing select clients.
    [Email Jeff]

    Digital distribution and Free-to-Play business models have changed the relationship between publishers and developers. Development funding was once a primary consideration, but open platforms, crowd funding and iterative development reduce the cost and risk of bringing a game to market. Marketing and development were once mostly separate efforts, but are now deeply intertwined in an ongoing combined effort. More importantly: established distribution platforms were once a difficult-to-establish competitive advantage, but today the global reach is only a few clicks away. Join a panel of renowned publishers from around the world, who will discuss the state of the game publishing landscape and how it has changed, and in some respect remains the same in today's top game markets.

  • Watch videoBalls, Cards and Currency (Virtual): Why Innovation in Gaming is Coming from Startups
    Alex KELLY, CEO, Playsino
    Alex Kelly is currently CEO of Playsino, a social casino games publisher and developer focusing on innovations that bring the exciting world of free-to-play casino games to mobile and social platforms everywhere in the world. Playsino is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and has offices in Seattle, Washington and Kiev, Ukraine. From May 2010 to January 2012, Kelly served as Vice President of International Game Technology’s Interactive Division responsible for global revenue where he brought a rare combination of commercial, Internet/mobile, strategy and corporate experience. Prior to joining IGT, Kelly held leadership roles at some of the most innovative companies in technology, media and entertainment including Veeker, Pinnacle Systems (PCLE), 20th Century Fox, Booz, Allen & Hamilton, A&E Networks and Billboard magazine.
    [Email Alex]

    Alex Kelly of PLAYSINO discusses why innovation in gaming is coming from startups and what everyone from entrepreneurs to established companies can do to harness the creative energy and potential of startups.

  • Watch videoMerging Game Mechanics in Slot Machines: More Fun for Your Users
    Igor KAREV, CEO, Tatem Games
    Igor Karev is a founder and director of Tatem Games, serial technology entrepreneur and mentor in the largest Eastern European gaming incubators. In 1995, Igor co-founded his first gaming company Action Forms, which developed popular realistic 3D shooters such as Vivisector and Cryostasis. After the introduction of iPhone SDK, Igor opened Tatem Games to focus on mobile game development. The company, just like its founder, is always changing and open for new ventures. Tatem’s portfolio includes shooters, puzzles, time management, and most recently casino-style games. His rich expertise allows Igor and the team to experiment mixing different game genres and mechanics to create unique and engaging experiences.
    [Email Igor]

    What might seem like just another “slot game” is actually a creative merging of several game mechanics to create a new experience in Tatem Game’s Tower Slots. Join Igor Karev, Founder of Tatem Games, as he shares their experience making Tower Slots and opens your eyes to the possibilities that abound in what might seem like a narrow catalog of casino games.

  • Watch videoChallenges Faced by Eastern European Developers on the Global Stage
    Valentin MERZLIKIN, CEO, Prosto Games
    Valentin is a global business development professional specializing in the casual and mobile games industry. In 2011, he founded Prosto Games, a casual and mobile games publishing and marketing company that helps developers from Eastern Europe to push their titles to global markets. As a co-founder of Neskinsoft, he also launched free-to-play puzzle game Demokratia, which reached #1 Top Free iPhone App in Russia in 2011 and 120,000 MAU after 15 months of operation. From 2006-2011, he worked for Alawar Entertainment where headed Sales, Business Development and the Mobile departments of the company.
    [Email Valentin]

    For the past 10 years, Eastern European developers have dominated the PC casual game markets around the world. But the industry has changed and many companies are now losing ground to content creators from other regions. What are the challenges developers face today? Is it worth working with publishers or is it better to do it on your own? Is raising money for game development the only question? Are we distracted by our domestic consumer market? Do we lack critical skills or information? Perhaps there are cultural reasons? Join Valentin Merzlikin, CEO of Prosto Games, and hear what he thinks we need to accomplish if we wish to hold onto our place in the global games ecosystem.

  • Self-Publishing Games on PlayStation®Store
    George BAIN, Developer Relations, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
    George first entered the world of PlayStation in early 1997 as an official member of “Net Yaroze". As an active member of Sony Computer Entertainment's first indie games initiative, he created several PlayStation games before joining SCEE later that year. He held several positions within the R&D department supporting PSOne and PS2 developers while researching advance programming techniques. As Developer Support Manager in 2004, he continued to establish close relationships with licensed developers and directed the support group during PSP and PS3 console launches. Having joined Third Party Relations department in 2007, George maintains developer relations with studios throughout the SCEE territories as Developer Relations Account Manager. George is currently focussed on supporting studios creating PlayStation®4 launch games!
    [Email George]

    The opportunity to distribute games using PlayStation®Network has generated much interest from independent studios around the world. The presentation will focus on how studios can register to become developers, the store submission process, Free2Play opportunities, available marketing options and an overview of the new social network capabilities for PlayStation®4. PS4™ is a next generation computer entertainment system that redefines rich and immersive gameplay with powerful graphics and speed, deeply integrated social capabilities, and innovative second-screen features utilizing devices such as PlayStation®Vita.

  • Watch videoAAA on Mobile: What, Why, When, & How Much?
    Oleg PRIDIUK, Technical Evangelist, Unity
    Oleg has been breaking mobiles in Unity since Unity iPhone 1.0.1 and grew up to a default goto person for everything mobile. He is using his technical skills along with his irresistible charm and charisma to advocate Unity in Eastern Europe and vice versa.
    [Email Oleg]

    Big console and PC titles go for $50 and often sell millions. Is the mobile market ready for premium titles? What are the opportunities and costs? Unity Technical Evangelist Oleg Pridiuk outlines recent success stories and explains what the most popular game development engine has to offer for mobile AAA titles.

  • Watch videoKeep Your Indiedentity
    Richard BENJAMIN, VP Business Development, Funtomic
    Richard joined Funtomic in April 2012. He has nine years experience in management consulting and financial services in Australia and England. Richard has gained experience amongst global leaders in their industries including corporate strategy, business development, organizational & business change, project management and people leadership. Now he is implementing his knowledge of strategy and strategic planning into the gaming world.
    [Email Richard]

    The session will address the everlasting decision independent developers face--whether to self-publish their games or go with an established publisher. The session will also address what a developer should keep in mind when talking to a publisher to make sure his/her game is getting the best terms and maximize its potential for success.

  • Watch videoBe Brave! Take Chances! "Fast Failure" as a Path to Game Service Success
    Vladimir FUNTIKOV, CEO, Creative Mobile
    Vladimir Funtikov is the CEO and co-founder of Creative Mobile, a game development studio based in Tallinn, Estonia. At just 23 years old, Vladimir built one of the largest (mobile) gaming companies in Northern Europe along with the Drag Racing franchise, one of the most popular racing game series in the world. The chart topping 3-title series has amassed 150 million players and has maintained excellent chart performance on Android, remaining in Google Play’s Top 50 for more than 2 years and counting. In his role as CEO and co-founder. Vladimir has been the thought leader and driving force behind the studio's racing games, including the upcoming cross-platform title, Nitro Nation.
    [Email Vladimir]

    The constantly changing, ultra competitive, and fast-moving world of Free to Play games on web and mobile platforms leaves little time for luxuries like careful planning and deep research. Publishers and Developers need to become comfortable working with imperfect, incomplete information, where historic data is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. Success in such an environment requires the courage to forge your own path, test live, and react to new discoveries rapidly before opportunities are lost. A mindset of "fast failure" recognizes a goal of constant learning, of accepting disappointing results as new stepping stones on a path toward success. Join Vlad Funtikov, Founder and CEO of Creative Mobile Games as he describes how his company grew from the ashes of failure to the riches of victory and learned along the way that failure is not only an option, it is a requirement.

  • Watch videoAdvanced Animation and Effects using Video Technology
    Krešimir ŠPES, Lead Programmer, Cateia Games
    Krešimir Špes has been developing games since the age of 13, which has slowly transformed from a hobby to a fruitful career. He got his master's degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Croatia, majoring in computer science, having both his bachelor's degree and master's degree thesis' done in the field of video technology use in games.
    He formed Cateia Games studio along with two colleagues in the year 2000, which has since developed over 20 different games and became one of the leading casual developers in the region.
    At Cateia Games, he works as a lead programmer, coordinating a team of highly skilled developers and external partners.
    [Email Krešimir]

    Join Krešimir as he shows how to use video technology to create many different full frame and high resolution effects in casual games to make your 2D scene come to life, while minimizing memory usage by doing classic full frame animation, which is especially important for today's mobile platforms.

  • Watch videoHTML5 and the Future of Mobile and Web Gaming
    Albert LAI, Co-founder & CEO, Big Viking Games
    Albert Lai is the co-founder of Big Viking Games, Canada's leading social and mobile HTML5 game development studio. Prior to founding Big Viking Games, Albert was the co-founder of Kontagent, a Facebook-funded viral analytics platform venture. Albert sold his first internet company, the MyDesktop Network, while in his teens to JupiterMedia (JUPM). He was also the founder/CEO of BubbleShare, a photo-sharing company sold to Kaboose/Disney in 2007. In his spare time, Albert blogs (infrequently) at http://simplyalbert.blogspot.com and is active on Twitter at @albertsupdates.
    [Email Albert]

    Big Viking Games has used HTML5 to create immersive mid-core games whose gameplay is identical to rival native apps. Join Albert as he talks about what the future holds for HTML5 games and what business and technical barriers need to be overcome for HTML5 to become a more attractive platform to build on.

  • Watch videoFrom 0 to 200M Downloads - TabTale's Fab Tale
    Elinor SCHOPS, Head of Licensing and Business Development, TabTale
    Elinor began her career as an attorney, initially specializing in IP before taking on roles in licensing and procurement for companies in the media and technology sectors. Today, Elinor serves as the head of licensing and business development at TabTale, where she additionally manages branding, corporate marketing, and PR. Elinor specializes in identifying new market opportunities and creating and implementing strategic planning. She holds an LLB in law, a BA in Government Studies, an EMBA in Business and a degree in Journalism & Communications studies.
    [Email Elinor]

    How did a small Israeli company come to rank as the 7th most downloaded game publisher in the iOS App Store in July? How did this small and relatively young (at just 3 years old) company manage to "tail" giants publishing giants like GameLoft, EA, Disney, King, and Rovio? TabTale has proven itself to be a remarkable success story, creating an immense following with solely its original IPs and without the aid of merchandise, console games, or even Facebook games. TabTale's unique backstory and formula for success is one that marketers, publishers, and developers alike can learn from.

  • Watch videoMobile Applications Crossplatform Development: Technical Deep-Dive and Real-Time Show
    Ivan BELIY, Team Leader, Marmalade
    Ivan Beliy is a team leader at Marmalade and is focused on further developing the cross-platform capabilities of the Marmalade SDK. A Mechanics and Maths graduate of DNU, Ivan gained much of his commercial experience during his time as a professional developer at panBmedia AG and Devoler LLC where he created games for a wide variety of platforms such as iOS, Java-enabled mobiles, Cable TV as well as Set Top Boxes.
    [Email Ivan]

    There are so many developers making games for multiple platforms these days. On one hand it looks quite time consuming, on the other hand, devs are keen to simplify porting of existing projects and creating new titles. That is where cross-platform SDKs enter the game. This presentation will describe different approaches to cross platform technology, describe how to achieve performance and try to avoid platform specific development for every single device. It also includes a real-time use showcase.

  • Day 2: October 24, 2013

  • F2P: Growth & Operations

    Emcee: David NIXON, Founder & CEO, Gemini Hive Inc.

  • F2P: Design and Development

    Emcee: Tatiana CHERNOVA, CGA Program Advisor

  • Ivan TKACHENKO, Co-Founder & CEO, Signus Labs
    Ivan has over 11 years of experience in the gaming industry. In 1999, Mr. Tkachenko joined The Web Production and served as CTO. In 2002 Ivan co-founded and served as CEO of Kenjitsu and VP of Nikitova. Oberon Media acquired Kenjitsu in 2007 where Ivan served as Studio Director at Oberon/I-play. Since May 2011, Ivan has been CEO of Signus Labs.
    [Email Ivan]

    Agile development is the standard methodology employed around the world. Game studios utilizing Agile experience the benefits of iterative development in art production, code, and QA. Advancing technology opens new opportunities for remote development and maximizing transparency. This session covers general methodology, the implementation at Signus Labs including several new techniques and technology, and lessons learning in Eastern Europe.

  • Watch videoPremium vs Free-to-Play - An Executive Producer's Journey
    Alish YAKUBOV, Executive Producer, G5
    Alish is executive producer at G5 Entertainment. He is responsible for production of free-to-play games and for development of successful monetization methods. Alish has 9 years of experience in the industry and has participated in the development of more than 20 projects. During his career has worked with such companies as Nival Interactive, Electronic Arts, THQ, Disney, Konami.
    [Email Alish]

    It is impossible to overstate the dramatic impact that a shift from games-as-products to games-as-services has on nearly every aspect of the games business. As a successful, global premium casual game provider that realized early that the market was shifting, G5 has been working to effect this transition throughout it's organization for the past three years. Such a change requires revising staff mindset, performance measurement and incentive programs, contract parameters, design and production processes, evolving partner relationships, and shifting skill and financial investments to new areas of expertise. Alish Yakubov, Executive Producer at G5 holds up his new free-to-play operational framework against the old-school "premium games" way of life in order to highlight the differences as a roadmap for developers and publishers wanting to make the same journey.

  • Kadri UGAND, Co-Founder, GameFounders
    Kadri is one of the co-founders of the first gaming startup accelerator in Europe. GameFounders provides startups with a small investment and takes them through a 3-month program filled with 100 top execs from the gaming world as mentors. Prior to GameFounders, Kadri was running the Estonian startup competition and was the founder of one of the largest consultancy companies in Estonia.
    [Email Kadri]

    Early-stage game teams are often inclined to pursue outside investment to grow operations, scale audience, or reduce founder risk. Before you go through the time-consuming, and humbling, experience of finding outside funding, it pays to look inwards at the viability of your business's investment risk. Kadri Ugand of GameFounders spends 100% of her time looking for early-stage investment in promising new game companies. In this session, hear about the guidelines she uses to evaluate teams for investment suitability.

  • Watch videoKeys to Mid-core Success
    Michail KATKOFF, Director of Product Management, Scopely
    Michail Katkoff is a monetization and partnerships expert in mobile games, having worked at some of the most respected companies and on some of the most important franchises in the gaming world. Michail has a deep understanding of how to scale a mobile game into a global success, as well as extensive experience working with developer partners to maximize performance and monetization of their games.
    Prior to joining Scopely, Michail held two different roles at Supercell. Initially he served as product manager for global phenomenon Clash of Clans. He then transitioned to partnership lead, driving growth projects around new market entries, ad operations and licensing.
    Before Supercell, Michail led monetization for games at Rovio Entertainment, where he also served as executive producer for Angry Birds Rio, the third game in the wildly successful Angry Birds franchise. Michail began his career in mobile games at Digital Chocolate, where he worked as a product manager, developing, launching and managing several successful Facebook games for the company.
    Michail is widely regarded as one of the most thoughtful voices in mobile games as the author of the blog Deconstructor of Fun. He received his Master’s degree from the Helsinki School of Economics. Apart from games he loves UFC, though he’s far better at games than at cage fighting.
    [Email Michail]

    What are some of the key success factors for a mid-core title? We will explore the most important mechanics in this genre around retention, virality and monetization.

  • Kimberly BLAKE, Founder & CMO, Gemini Hive, Inc.
    Kimberly is Co-Founder and CMO of "Gemini Hive, Inc." - a boutique investment, advisory, and consulting firm focused on helping small social and social mobile game companies get started and find growth. A life-long gamer with over 25 years of marketing and brand management experience, she has been working in the game industry since 2008. She has a passion for the social space and specializes in creating and leveraging engaged communities and viral design for cross-platform games.
    [Email Kimberly]

    On a good day players might spend an hour or two in your game. That means there are at least 22 additional hours of opportunity to reach them, if you can only find a way. Engaging your community is the start down a path that leads to greatly increased ability to capture players' attention when they aren't playing. Kimberly Blake, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Gemini Hive, talks about how to make that happen.

  • Watch videoOnce Upon a Time: The Role of Storytelling in Games
    Oscar CLARK, Evangelist, Applifier
    Oscar Clark is a consultant and Evangelist for Everyplay from Applifier. He has been a pioneer in online, mobile and console social games services since 1998. He provided ‘vision’ for one of the first Online games communities (Wireplay - British Telecom); was global lead for games at Hutchison Whampoa (3UK) which included (perhaps) the first mobile in-App purchase; and was Home Architect for PlayStation®Home. He is a regular columnist on PocketGamer.Biz is an outspoken speaker at multiple game conferences, and is a mentor for accelerator GameFounders. He is currently working on his first book, “Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games.”
    [Email Oscar]

    Talking about Storytelling in games is an emotionally charged topic. There is a battle between different designers about the balance between narrative and gameplay. Some even question if classical storytelling has any place in games at all. In this session, Oscar Clark will explore how we can use Storytelling as a tool to communicate a sense of progression and purpose which is essential in many games. He will explore the role of structured themes like the Bond Opening, the Flash Gordon Cliffhanger and the Columbo Twist to help convert, sustain and retain users playing your game. Like all tales, on this heroes' journey there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome as we fight to balance Narrative, Gameplay, Revenue and Retention... but dear reader if you accept the challenge and join this session... you might just learn how to save the day.

  • Mladen DULANOVIC, Release Manager, Nordeus
    Mladen Dulanovic is a producer at Nordeus, where he manages the strategy and roadmap of the popular online football manager game called Top Eleven. Before Nordeus, he worked as a researcher at the Institute of Science and as a QA engineer at Nokia. He has a Master’s degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University.

    While managing a 12 million MAU game made by a 50+ team, a question that comes up time and again is “What’s next?”. This talk will address the complex issue of deciding what the next steps in development and maintenance of a live game are. Mladen will present methods that are applicable for taking care of both day-to-day decision making and maintaining the long-term vision of a product. From managing a coherent list of potential improvements, to measuring the impact of new releases, it all comes to the same thing: knowing your priorities!

  • Watch videoBuilding and Managing a Community of Fans
    Nemanja POSRKACA, Community Manager, Nordeus
    Nemanja Posrkača is Nordeus’ community manager. At Nordeus, Nemanja manages community outreach efforts for their wildly popular football manager game Top Eleven, which has more than 12 million monthly active users. Nemanja manages the Top Eleven Facebook Fan Page, which has almost 10 million fans and Twitter, with more than 200k followers. When he’s not talking about Top Eleven, Nemanja is watching football, playing football or collecting football memorabilia.
    [Email Nemanja]

    Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager is the most popular online sports game in the world, with more than 12 million active users. In this presentation, Nordeus’s Nemanja Posrkača will explain the strategy and tactics used to double the number of users from five to 10 million, while doubling the engagement rate from 2 to 4 percent.

  • Lunch Break

  • Ville HEIJARI, General Manager of Europe, PlayHaven
    Ville Heijari is the General Manager of Europe at PlayHaven, the leading lifetime value (LTV) maximization platform for mobile games. He oversees the growth of PlayHaven’s international footprint in Europe serving the needs of local mobile developers. Ville has more than 12 years of experience in the mobile industry. Prior to PlayHaven, Ville was SVP of Marketing and member of the management team at Rovio. At Rovio, he led the creation of a global marketing and brand platform, while the company went through a rapid growth period with the Angry Birds franchise expanding internationally and branching out to various businesses.
    [Email Ville]

    Free-to-play is here to stay, and with it has come a flourishing landscape of valuable acquisition, monetization, engagement and analytics solutions to support development and marketing in your game. With so many creative solutions available, it’s challenging to find the time to integrate, test and implement new solutions. So, the million-dollar question is what tools are really necessary to launch a game, engage users, build long-term growth and set your game apart in the marketplace?

    Ville Heijari, PlayHaven's GM of Europe, will provide valuable insights on tools that are working and really necessary to differentiate your game and keep your players playing. He will also explore the latest trends in player acquisition, engagement and monetization and provide valuable examples from successful mobile developers.

  • Watch videoRelease Heavy Weekly Content with Outsourcing: Pearl’s Peril Case Study
    Katia VARA, Producer, Wooga
    Katia leads outsourcing partnerships for one of Wooga’s internal studios responsible for their Pearl’s Peril IP. Katia started project management in the Media and Advertising industry but always wanted to combine work with passion and joined the video games industry with Atari. She worked in console development before focusing on social and casual gaming with Wooga.
    [Email Katia]

    There is no magic recipe. For Pearl’s Peril production, we put in a lot of effort prior to production: Choosing a partner, defining common objectives and setting up production processes and communication pipelines. Moreover, we considered the relationship between the studios as a production partnership rather than just outsourcing. The challenge was ambitious, yet we are releasing the equivalent of 65 man-days of content every week!

  • Kieran BARR, VP Business Development, Distimo
    Kieran Barr is vice president of business development at Distimo. Prior to joining Distimo, Kieran was vice president of sales at Inside Network, vice president of business development and sales at Constellation Research, Director of Research Sales at GigaOm, and key account manager at Forrester research. Kieran also served on the Board of Directors of the Puget Sound Research Forum. Kieran earned a BA in Business - Finance and Information Systems, and a BA in Economics, both from the University of Washington.
    [Email Kieran]

    App data tools are making mobile game revenues more transparent across platforms and across the globe. The success of a game is dependent on many variables such as the platform it’s on and the monetization model it utilizes. What monetization models are driving the highest revenue today? How does this vary in different regions? What markets have the greatest growth potential? What platform has the highest revenue and in which country? This session will address these and other questions you have on global game monetization.

  • Watch videoScalable Server & Database Architecture
    Ivan LAVORYK, CTO, Joyrocks
    Ivan Lavoryk is CTO of Joyrocks, a free-to-play game development, self-publishing, and brand marketing organization centered around the Bird's Town digital world. Ivan manages all technical architecture, infrastructure, and development efforts for this up-and-coming Eastern European company. Prior to Joyrocks, he was a senior developer for SoftServe, a large tech ourtsourcer. Ivan has been deeply involved in developing casual games since 2005 and served key technical roles in several game development companies including "Friends Games." He has participated in the development of many games on a variety of platforms extending all the way back to the days of PowerTV.
    [Email Ivan]

    Whether you are serving up game data to players or analytics data to your product managers, designing and architecting scalable, efficient back-end systems is critical to the success of your goals when you are running an online game service. Join Ivan Lavoryk, CTO of Joyrocks, as he talks about how he built the back end to support today's traffic and tomorrow's growth.

  • Mike MALIY, Sales manager, Target@Mail.ru
    Mikhail Maliy, head of app advertising at Target Mail.Ru. Joined Mail.Ru Group in 2012. Before Mail.Ru Group Mikhail worked at Begun starting at a partner’s department, then moving to mobile advertising. In Target Mail.Ru Mikhail works on app advertising in social media (OK, My World) and mobile traffic sales.
    [Email Mike]

    Mike Maliy from Target@Mail.RU speaks about the user acquisition purchasing in the Eastern Erupean free to play games market. He will discuss game developers can buy traffic, how much it costs, how to target and qualify your purchases, and how to boost your success by effectively investing part of your earnings back into audience growth, profitably, by buying new players.

  • Watch videoHarnessing Your Community
    Michael ROSEN, Founder, Tacticsoft
    Michael has been designing and building games since childhood. As a 10 year old, he coded his first game. Later, he started to work in Israeli start-ups as a teenager and opened his own F2P game development studio, Tacticsoft, by the age of 22. Once the studio turned profitable, Michael turned to fulfilling his dreams of a Pilot license, Sailing License, Piano studies and traveling around the world...
    [Email Michael]

    Your community is your most precious asset. This session will focus on the ways Tacticsoft incorporates its community into the design & development process of its games, and how to harness your community and turn it into your hivemind for ideas, balancing, QA, PR, translation, and HR.

  • Roman POVOLOTSKY, Partner, 2RealLife
    Roman Povlotski, 2Reallife’s Producer and Business Developer, has 8 years experience launching browser-based games in Russia with CyberCrew, and IT-Territory before joining 2Reallife and launching the hit, The Heavens. 2Reallife develops high-quality games with FTP monetization.
    [Email Roman]

    Two things define a "community." The first that it's members actively identify and engage with each other around a common interest. The second is that the members see themselves as collectively distinct from non-members. Does your game have a community? Or does it just have an indistinct collection of people playing it? A strong sense of community boosts player engagement and loyalty, collectively contributing to a dramatic positive impact on monetization. Join Roman Povolotski from 2RealLife as he discusses what it takes to inspire community among his games' players, and how that sense of community can be leveraged into financial success.

  • Watch videoDesigning and Integrating Effective Analytics
    Oren KANIEL, CEO & Co-founder, AppsFlyer
    Oren is the CEO & co-founder of AppsFlyer. Oren founded AppsFlyer to solve one of the major problems in the mobile apps market – mobile campaign analytics and user attribution. Before founding AppsFlyer, he worked at Stage2 Ventures and held management and engineering positions at Veraz, Avaya and Intel. Oren holds a BA in Computer Science, Cum Laude, from the Technion, and an MBA from IDC, as part of an exchange with the Wharton Business School.
    [Email Oren]

    “Data is becoming the new raw material of business”, M. Carig Microsoft
    “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine” P. Sondergaard, Gartner
    “Data is the Next Intel Inside” Tim O’Reilly
    “What gets measured, gets managed", P. Drucker

    The whole concept of free to play games is based on data and data driven decisions. Implementing the right methodologies is critical to success. During this session, I will share our experience and insights to help you master the most important asset of your company – your data.

  • Anthony PECORELLA, Director of Production for Browser Games, Kongregate
    Anthony has been at Kongregate for 5 years and is the Director of Production for browser games. He works to onboard, integrate, and optimize the virtual goods and social games on the platform. He also designs and develops games on the side, including the acclaimed tower defense RPG Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten, and a MacArthur grant-funded educational biology game, CellCraft.
    [Email Anthony]

    By taking a more data-driven approach to designing new games, improving existing games, and analyzing the successes and failures of others, developers can find positive, repeatable, quantifiable succes without killing creativity, user satisfaction or the game community. Anthony Pecorella, Director of Production for Browser Games, Kongregate best practices and case studies to educate developers on the Free to Play games business.

  • Watch videoValue Creation & Brand Engagement in F2P Games through Branded Virtual Items
    Lou FAWCETT, Director of Games-Europe, Iconicfuture
    Lou’s background spans over 20 years as a global entertainment executive, with a focus on digital content monetisation, brand engagement and international business strategy. Lou has held a variety of senior games industry posts at both start-up and “big company” level, including publishing roles at the former Hasbro Interactive where she was responsible for the delivery of multi-million dollar targets throughout Europe and Latin America, as well as Infogrames, where she played a pivotal role in the rollout of the company’s European broadband and digital distribution strategy. In 2002, Lou co-founded leading in-game advertising agency Symbiosis Media, representing global and domestic brands such as Adidas, Masterfoods and Nestle and delivering high-profile product placement and brand engagement campaigns for the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and VU Games. As Head of Casual Games at Eidos Interactive, Lou was one of the first console publishers to embrace the (then) embryonic casual gaming market, bringing iconic pay-to-play brands such as Diner Dash to a mass market retail audience.
    With senior Business Development roles at console developers Climax and Kuju to complete the mix, Lou has also worked at the coalface of development and now runs the Games division for Iconicfuture, where she is responsible for providing licensing integration solutions to development partners for Branded Virtual Items in games and apps.
    [Email Lou]

    In a fast-growing and highly competitive market with spiraling user acquisition costs, developers constantly seek new engagement methods and innovative gameplay mechanics to improve retention and increase conversion. As the go-to provider of Branded Virtual Items, Iconicfuture has created value and generated additional revenues in titles such as Goalunited, Farmerama and Galaxy Life. With over 3.6 million item transactions to draw on, find out how to leverage rights, aid discoverability and monetize users; plus tools, techniques and tips to navigate this complex licensing space.

  • Steve COLLINS, CTO & Co-founder, Swrve
    Steve Collins is CTO and Co-founder of Swrve, a company developing solutions to help mobile game and app developers to manage and optimize their services. Prior to Swrve he was CTO and cofounder of Kore Virtual Machines, a company which developed a commercial Lua implementation for console games. In 1998, Steve co-founded Havok and worked as CTO leading the technical development and strategy of the company until 2006. Steve also works with Trinity College Dublin (TCD) as a Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Graphics. In 2007 he founded TCD's new MSc program in computer game technology. Previously he founded the TCD computer graphics group. Earlier still he worked on scientific visualization software for Hitachi Super Computers and developed Commodore 64 games.
    [Email Steve]

    In the freemium ecosystem, it's no longer enough to merely build a great game and spend on user acquisition. You need a plan to convert players into payers - and maximize their lifetime value. That requires adopting techniques that are new to the games industry. Personalization, ongoing UX optimization, targeted in-game marketing campaigns and continuous A/B testing. This session will cover off six key learnings that anyone responsible for monetization needs to take on board.

  • Watch videoLegislative Patchwork in the Field of Real Money Gambling and Social Gaming in Europe – Why Should You Pay Attention?
    Olga FINKEL, Founder & Partner, WH Partners
    Olga Finkel (partner, WH Partners) is acclaimed as a legal expert in the gaming, gambling and technology fields. She has been ranked as one of top 24 world’s lawyers in the field of Gaming and Gambling by the most trusted worldwide lawyer-ranking directory, Chambers and Partners. Olga has also been consistently named as one of the top global internet and e-commerce lawyers by Who’s Who Legal.

    Olga advises companies involved in e- & m- gambling, gaming, entertainment, software development, payments, and marketing on strategic, regulatory and commercial matters. Her specialisation includes regulatory frameworks for real money gambling, social gaming, e-payments, privacy and data security, technology transactions, digital content cyber-crime and intellectual property protection.

    Olga holds a Doctorate in Law and a Masters in IT and Economics. She has been a member of International Masters of Gaming Law since 2003 and is also a member of the Society for Computers and Law (UK), and the International Technology Law Association. Olga is a part-time lecturer on gaming law within the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta.
    [Email Olga]

    Casual games are generally not subject to specific regulatory oversight. However, in the monetisation trend for casual games, these games may be crossing into the online gambling field, which is heavily regulated. Moreover, some countries are considering regulating casual games or skill games with prize. All these trends require game developers’ attention, as to ensure that they games are or will be compliant.

  • Alexander KRUG, Founder/CEO, SOFTGAMES
    Alexander Krug holds a Master of Arts in Media Management having studied in Mittweida – one of Germany´s most respected media universities. Next to SOFTGAMES Alexander has worked at Yahoo! Germany and managed to re-launch their complete gaming portal. In addition Alex has co-founded 2 successful start-ups, a role that’s perfect for him given his ten-plus years of experience making big things happen.
    [Email Alexander]

    Alexander Krug, Founder & CEO of SOFTGAMES, talks about what portals expect from HTML5 mobile game developers and what to avoid when negotiating and managing a licensing deal with them. In addition, this session will highlight the importance of picking the right business model and how to create HTML5 games to satisfy the licensee's needs.

  • at Paymentwall Kiev Office

    October 24th @ 5:30 refreshments, panel starts @ 6:00

    Don't miss a chance to meet and listen to executives of leading gaming companies operating worldwide discussing and sharing their views and experiences building a global gaming company. The one hour panel discussion will be followed by networking, conversations, drinks and appetizers. For more information, click here

  • Day 3: October 25, 2013

  • Mobile & Crossplatform

    Emcee: Oscar CLARK, Evangelist, Applifier

  • Indie Games

    Emcee: Catherine KAPUSTINA, Marketing Manager, DevGAMM


  • Watch videoThe Mobile Publishing Landscape
    Kyu LEE, President, GAMEVIL USA
    Kyu Lee is Vice President of GAMEVIL Inc. and Head of GAMEVIL USA Inc. GAMEVIL is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile and network technology. Kyu, who has been in GAMEVIL since the beginning at 2000, has constantly played a key role in the evolution of Korean mobile gaming and has continuously introduced the innovation to the world. Kyu has graduated Seoul National University with a B.S. in Physics and is currently on the board of advisory at GDC Mobile.
    [Email Kyu]

    Companies with a small number of mobile games - Supercell, Gungho, and King, are currently beating larger companies such as EA and Gree. Focusing resources on fewer games that have a lot of potential are becoming more important, and developers need partners for various reasons - financial, user acquisition, global distribution and most importantly for live operations. This session will cover the values that the mobile game publishers are providing in various ways in different parts of the world.

  • Watch videoThe Making of Quad: What I Learned That You (and Your Game!) Can Benefit From
    Francesco MAISTO, Founder, Cellar Ghost
    Francesco Maisto has been making games for over 10 years, first as a freelancer selling his Flash games to gaming portals, then with Miniclip.com as a game designer and project lead. Lately, he has gone mad and left a steady job to go indie with his own company, Cellar Ghost.
    [Email Francesco]

    Making his latest game, Quad, has been an extraordinary journey from which Francesco has learned important lessons and gathered valuable experience. In this presentation, he'll share some tips with you to hopefully help you make a better game and avoid the same errors he made. Learn how to boost your productivity, foster your creativity, enhance your gameplay, improve usability and keep your sanity in the process!

  • Watch videoRise of the Microconsoles - Should Your App be on TV?
    John GARGIULO, SVP Marketing & Business Development, BlueStacks
    John leads BlueStacks' Business Development and Marketing teams. Joining in 2011 while the company was still in stealth mode, BlueStacks now has 13 million users of its "App Player" mobile-apps-on-PC product, over 1 million Facebook fans and 2 million unique visitors to its website each month. BlueStacks has built partnerships with some of the top mobile developers in the world such as Halfbrick, Glu, GREE and hundreds of indie developers.
    [Email John]

    Mobile gaming is a tidal wave headed toward the living room... Ouya, Gamestick, GamePop and others are launching - will they succeed? Should your games be a part of them? In this talk, we'll look at why mobile and TV are on a collision course and what it means for your content now and in the future.

  • Watch videoAlgo-Bot. How Coding Can be Fun
    Guillaume BOUCKAERT, Game Designer, Fishing Cactus
    Guillaume Bouckaert has been a Game Designer at Fishing Cactus for more than 4 years, and has worked on most of their console games while there: Shift Extended for the PSP and Shifting World for the 3DS, this last game being the first retail game of the company. He has also worked on a variety of mobile games, most notably the ones from the successful Shift series and Slash Monsters. He also worked on a variety of Serious Games that Fishing Cactus created those last few years, the last one being Algo-Bot whose focus is the teaching of the logic hidden behind programming.
    [Email Guillaume]

    Guillaume will share his story of developing an educational title Algo-Bot that helps people grasp the essential skills of logic that the programming craft requires.

  • Watch videoThe Mobile Game Developer's Toolbox
    Ilja GOOSSENS, Director Europe, Chartboost
    Ilja Goossens has been making games since 1999. He has founded two game development companies - Virtual Fairground and Gamundo. In his career, Ilja has launched multiple independent titles and has worked with numerous established companies, such as Activision, Nickelodeon and Studio100, to create online and mobile games. Now he is leading the European office for Chartboost, the world's largest games only technology platform. In his spare time, Ilja works on his side project, a tablet first multiplayer game called Panzer Pets.
    [Email Ilja]

  • Watch videoMaking The Inner World – The Long Way from Concept to Game
    Alexander PIEPER, Co-Founder, Studio Fizbin
    Born in 1985, right after the videogame crash and in the beginning of a new golden age, he grew up with NES, SNES, Mega Drive and his first PC. In 1997, he read a BASIC-Book and programmed his first Text-Adventure for his brother’s birthday, Survive Afternoon School. As he dived further in programming and the architecture of videogames, he started studying Applied Computer Sciences in 2007. After a workshop with the Filmakademie, his decision was set. He wanted to make story-driven games for a living. Games which should take the player to places they’ve never been before.

    In 2011, his dreams came true as he founded Studio Fizbin, together with Sebastian Mittag and Mareike Ottrand.
    [Email Alexander]

    During this presentation, Alexander will give you some insights on Studio Fizbin's approach to the processes of interactive storytelling and 2D-animation in games. You'll also get an exclusive look at beautifully hand crafted animations, both linear and interactive, the latter one being powered by Studio Fizbin's own Adventure-Game Engine "AdventureFonk".

    We want to briefly show the way until today and focus on the special characteristics seen from an economic, content and technological perspective. Why didn’t we choose a technology which is already available? What are the differences between a mouse controller and a touch device? How did we plan to publish our first big Indie-Project "The Inner World" and how it reached its audience without a big marketing budget?

    You will see a lot of visual examples to underline the definitions and expressions.


    The lipsync is a lie!

  • Watch videoSmartphone & Tablet Games: By the Numbers
    Simon PODD, Director of Sales, Flurry
    Flurry is a leading data-driven mobile app advertising platform and analytics provider, used by over 120,000 companies across more than 350,000 apps. At Flurry, Simon is the commercial director for the EMEA region. Prior to Flurry, Simon was most recently head of sales at Zodiak Active, the branded content division of Zodiak Media, a multi-national independent television production company. Prior to Zodiak, Simon was head of sales for Bebo UK & Ireland, working as part of the team that pioneered and developed new social media advertising revenue models in which products and services are offered in a sophisticated blend of plot integration, traditional product placement and on-network online advertising. Bebo was acquired by AOL in 2008. Prior to Bebo, Simon spent 10 years in advertising sales within the publishing sector at Associated Media and the London Evening Standard.
    [Email Simon]

    Flurry will draw upon the latest data and insight to show how consumers are using mobile games, what existing behavioral trends mean for mobile game usage in the future, and how developers and publishers can use analytics to boost the performance of their apps in order to drive retention and revenues.

  • Watch videoA Knight to Remember - Intelligent Storytelling
    Yoeri STAAL, Founder, Staalmedia
    Yoeri Staal is a freelance game developer with a passion for original games. He is the founder of StaalMedia, a virtual company consisting of people all around the globe.
    [Email Yoeri]

    In this game, a knight with amnesia fights for the only thing he remembers: the love for his princess. Challenge your foes to uncover the truth.

    Yoeri Staal twists what you know about two unconventional topics: artificial intelligence, and story driven gameplay.

    Make sure you remember to visit this lecture.

  • Watch video 12:00 - 12:20: Conference movie and Indie Prize Award Ceremony in Elite Hall. Lunch Break

  • Lunch Break

  • Watch videoPremium vs. Free-to-Play Publishing - Evolution or Revolution? | 14:00 - 14:50
    Matthew WILSON, Sr. Manager Publishing, Rovio
    Sean CLARK, Director of Content Production, Big Fish
    David AN, Director Mobile Games, ProSiebenSat1 Group
    Evgeniy LEONOV, Marketing Communications Manager, Renatus
    Moderator: Maarten DE KONING, Director Business Development, DDM
    Matthew Wilson is the rare Canadian export residing in Finland, and Head of Developer Relations and Publishing, with the mission of discovering new exciting properties for Rovio through the Rovio Stars publishing program. Previously, Matthew managed Rovio's marketing activities from the launch of Angry Birds phenomenon until 2011. Matthew achieved amazing results for Angry Birds through a mixture of careful market analysis and intimate knowledge of the mobile application space.
    [Email Matthew]

    Sean Clark is the Executive Producer/Director for 3rd Party Content at Big Fish Games, the world’s largest producer of casual games. Sean’s game expertise spans 23 years and crosses many gaming markets, devices and business models, including core games, casual games, social games, free-to-play games, PC/Mac games, console games, mobile games, browser games and Facebook games. He is well versed in all aspects of game development and distribution, from writing and designing to directing and producing. Prior to Big Fish Games, Sean was a Project Director at LucasArts Entertainment Company, a Studio Director at EA/Pogo and an Executive Producer at Playdom.
    [Email Sean]

    David An is currently Director Mobile Games at ProSiebenSat1 Group where he is responsible for global mobile game licensing, product management and TV and performance marketing. Previously, he was founder and managing director of Rumble Media, a VC-backed mobile and online gaming company where he built one of Germany’s leading gaming portals Fettspielen and Playandroid.
    [Email David]

    At Renatus, Evgeniy Leonov is responsible for developing and executing corporate communication policy aimed at increasing brand awareness, generating business leads, promoting company's products and services. That includes activities in such segments as B2B, PR, Social Media, Events, SEO/SEM and analytics.
    [Email Evgeniy]

    With a background in investment management and game development, Maarten founded his own agency, before merging with Digital Development Management (DDM). Maarten's principles of starting an agency were to provide business development, effective product management and consultation to video game developers. Maarten began his career in the industry as game producer and is a certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master. As Director of Business Development Europe, Maarten is passionately servicing DDM’s clients and expanding DDM’s presence in Europe.
    [Email Maarten]

    With radical changes to standard practices of game distribution and revenue generation, it is clear that the role of the publisher, their services and the relationship with the developer are changing to meet the needs of today's game publishing. But is this an evolution or a revolution? Can established publishers leverage existing skill-sets and expertise to serve new kinds of games and game services, or is a whole new organization and working model indicated? A panel of publishers distributing and/or operating a variety of mobile game products talk about what product/service parameters most impact the scope of publishing efforts and how fundamental these parameters are to the publisher's and developer’s success.

  • Watch video#IndieLife
    George ZARKUA, Founder, WeDoYouPlay.com
    George Zarkua is an indie game developer with four years of experience. He is the artist and game designer of Nude Hunter, Ragdoll Ball, Dream Symphony, and Spicy Story. He recently started his own studio, called WeDoYouPlay.com
    [Email George]

    What is important to remember before you go indie and what you shouldn`t forget after? How do indie games affect their developers and the games market, and why you should not miss this trend?

  • Watch videoThe Dark Story of Nihilumbra: Escaping from The Void Into Other Worlds
    Kevin CERDA, Game Designer, BeautiFun Games
    Kevin Cerdà is the game designer and something like a CEO for the indie developing studio BeautiFun Games. He’s a really young developer with a deep interest in developing narrative, creating new game-play mechanics and delivering great experiences for players.
    [Email Kevin]

    Our game, Nihilumbra, has been one of Apple's best games of 2012. Right now the game is available on PC as well and soon it will hit Wii U too. But what happened behind the scenes? How were the sales on iOS? What kind of tricks helped us to turn Nihilumbra into a success? How did we manage to appear on a Nintendo Direct? Some insights of our experience and a lot more in "The dark story of Nihilumbra".

  • Watch videoGoing Cross-platform: Technology and Design Challenges
    Roei LIVNEH, Founder/CEO, Gingee/Gameologee
    A 3D artist, game designer, technologist and avid gamer, Roei honed his skills as a member of an elite Israeli counter-strike force. For the last nine years, he's worked with some of the game industry’s flagship companies and took part in the creation of very successful products. Roei’s skills, passion and deep understanding of all casual game creation aspects are driving him to build Gamologee - the most innovative game development platform.
    [Email Roei]

    Creating really great cross-platform game experiences is complicated and challenging. Designers need to understand the differences between play on-the-go vs. sitting at home, account for input preferences across both mildly and radically dissimilar devices and find the way these devices communicate with servers and with each other. Product managers need to think of the cost of maintaining these connected experiences and discover effective ways to simplify that puzzle. Early technological choices determine what design pathways remain open and those design options may be critical to create a flawless compelling experience. Roei Livneh, Founder and CEO of Gingee, shares his experience developing cross-platform games and tools to help developers meet this challenge.

  • Watch videoPromoting Your Indie Game with a Low Budget: Cyto's Puzzle Adventure Case Study
    Margarita VASILEVSKAYA, Marketing Expert, Room 8
    Margarita is responsible for marketing strategies and PR efforts at Room 8. Her areas of expertise include Public Relations with top Mass Media in the field, community growth as well as preparation and launch of gaming and non-gaming apps on multiple platforms. Prior to joining Room 8, Margarita worked in PR and app promotion industry.
    [Email Margarita]

    In her speech, marketing expert of Room 8 will talk about effective, low cost tools and general principles of game promotion using Cyto’s Puzzle Adventure as a case study. Margarita will share marketing strategies evolution after the release of the first successful product and will also talk about non-standard offline methods of game promotion.

  • Watch videoChina in Your Hands
    Patrick WHEELER, CEO, Smartions Europe
    Patrick Wheeler is CEO of Smartions Europe. He is a specialist in the Chinese gaming market with17+ years’ international experience in the gaming, software, and localization industries. Formerly CTO at a China-focused tech startup and Head of Release at Aeria Games, Patrick has a deep knowledge of the Chinese mobile landscape and larger macro environment.
    [Email Patrick]

    China is the world's largest and fastest growing mobile and gaming market with over 250 mobile gamers. Given high market entry barriers (technical, cultural, regulatory, and trust) what does it take to monetize your game in China and how do you take on the pirates? Welcome to a world where there is no Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, a world where there are 400+ app stores. With 538+ million Chinese people online, who is really “behind” the “Great firewall of China”?


  • Watch videoLaunching Goo Create--WebGL Graphics Made Easy
    Sara LEMPIÄINEN, Community Manager, Goo Technologies
    Sara Lempiäinen is passionate about web development and games. Her background is in Media Technology and she recently finished her master thesis project within game design. Today she works as an evangelist and community manager at Goo Technologies, creating a space for developers to become engaged in building games on top of Goo Engine and gain knowledge about WebGL and HTML5.

    She believes that game developers have many ideas and such creative minds, so she wants to make sure that they are provided with a tool that allows them to put all of their focus and energy into their passion. She wants to make game development more accessible and provide a platform for these creative minds to realize their ideas and become inspired by one another. While some game developers may be hesitant to walk an unproven path, there are many benefits of jumping on a new technology as early adopters become part of a community that help form and steer the direction of where the technology is headed.
    [Email Sara]

    During this mid-fall, Goo Technologies has set out to release Goo Create to make advanced WebGL development available to the web creators of the world. Leveraging a decade of high end graphics engine development, Goo Create is built for performance and scalability while at the same time being easy and accessible for both novice web creators and the hard core web graphics coder. With it, HTML5 creators can build advanced games, ads and interactive graphics with stunning quality.

    In this session, Sara will present the capabilities of Goo Create and give the audience a sneak preview of the upcoming Open Beta features and functionality as well as some glimpses of applications built on the platform.

  • Watch videoHTML5 Games: How to Start to Write Games and Stay Alive
    Yulia PUCHNINA, Universal Mind
    Yulia is just a good javascript engineer. Developer of highload apps with rich graphics who fell in love with game development in 2011. Co-producer of one of the largest Ukrainan JS conf http://kyivjs.org.ua/, and frequent speaker at many conferences.
    [Email Yulia]

    HTML5 games are incredibly popular. Any programmer with a little knowledge of javascript and gaming patterns can write them. Architecture of games, best technologies and frameworks, tools for debugging and development - everything you need to know to get started!